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Sep 17, 2006 tsk,tsk
Sep 17, 2006 vote for champ :-D
Sep 16, 2006 ok a game
Sep 16, 2006 day at the pawk
Sep 16, 2006 my drawings :P
Sep 15, 2006 darn :(
Sep 15, 2006 Daisy
Sep 15, 2006 hehe!
Sep 15, 2006 thank you angel..
Sep 14, 2006 invador zim game!
Sep 04, 2006 Stingray kills 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin

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Sunday Sep 17, 2006 10:25:00 AM

http://www.petster.com/jassi/pets/25203 fake user :( also I dont get this..how come all those photo stealers tell me"i dont have my camera anymore" 1.then dont frickin join petster! 2.TAKE CARE OF YOUR CAMERA! sheeze! & 3. its best to be honest then to lie all the way! just be honest we wont be mad as much! honesty is the answer..not lying! :-( I feel sorry for you photo stealers/lyers tsktsk *nods*

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Posted By: 2006/10/24 05:58:23 PM
they are sick owners :( kfc stands for kentucky fried chicken alex :(

Posted By: 2006/10/22 04:23:17 PM
why are they now a fake user? now be careful, you dont want to get banned. How would you like it if ppl came up to you saying you were a fake...it happened to me and its just annoying you never know

Posted By: Boomer 2006/09/17 04:32:21 PM
Yes I just got rid of a chow and pointer who actually posted links to the sites where they came from! TOL!

Posted By: 2006/09/17 10:36:57 AM
Plus my god that would make my friend sob until she couldn't breathe anymore she is in love with chickens she has 4 of them and they are her best friends D:

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